My name is Bruce Swanson from Anoka – and I had Scott fix my IBM thinkpad for me. Not only was Scott’s price far cheaper than the competitiors – Scott always seemed to give me so much value for the dollar! Besides fixing my laptop – Scott installed various software for free! He installed WinZip, AVG Antivirus, Windows Defender, Adobe Reader, and PowerDvD. Then when I asked if he had a USB Mouse laying around he said, “I bet I have one around here” and Scott threw that USB Mouse in there for free as well! I surely got my dollars worth from Scott! The same services would have cost much more anywhere else, I’m sure of that! Also – Scott’s a disabled Gulf War Vet – so why not give your business to someone who was willing to sacrifice everything for the USA? I have no problem with giving Scott my business.

Bruce from Anoka, Minnesota