Business change management. Paving the cowpaths, in this context, is an important first step in major change. In fact, many successful IT system implementation projects start by mechanizing Author: Jonathan Byrnes. May 11,  · Pave the cowpaths is, > in my opinion, a really bad design principle. The proposed HTML 5 design principle "Pave The Cowpaths" [4] does indeed seem to condone many practices that past specs may have frowned upon. The HTML5 new semantic elements were based on that exact same logic (see the W3C design guidance to “Pave the Cowpaths”). Semantic elements describe their meaning or purpose clearly to the browser and to the developer.

Pave the cowpaths html5

Pave the Cowpaths. A motto often heard from supporters of microformats is “Pave the cowpaths,” which means, essentially, look where the paths are already being formed by behavior and then formalize them, rather than creating some sort of idealized path structure that ignores history and tradition and human nature and geometry and ergonomics. Aug 14,  · Pave the Cowpaths Investigate existing practices and design or adopt features that meet the desires of authors. Where possible, solutions should leverage the existing techniques and skill sets of authors which will help promote the adoption of new features. Pave the cowpaths Priority of Constituencies In the process, I’ll explain why HTML5 is not just the latest version, but represents a fundamental shift in the philosophy behind HTML.

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